Ministry of Environment: The New Administrative Capital (NAC) is a true model for urban environmental planning

The Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the German Friedrich- Ebert- Stiftung, organized a workshop on mechanisms for integrating biological diversity in the urban planning sector for government workers specializing in housing and urban planning in Alexandria in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities, the Urban Planning Authority in Cairo and Alexandria, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and representatives of universities in Cairo and Alexandria. The workshop aims to integrate the concepts of biological diversity in the urban planning sector and raise the awareness of workers in this sector of the importance of biological diversity and sustainable development through showing the role of environmental work partners in protecting and preserving biological diversity when planning to establish new cities or urban projects.   The Minister of Environment reviewed a number of issues and topics included in the workshop such as green infrastructure, the impact of renewable energy projects on biological diversity as well as sustainable transport and promotion of motor transport, in addition to presenting methods of planning for the sustainable water system and how to support biodiversity in Egyptian cities and the role of historical public parks and public spaces and the importance of preserving them. The Environmental Programs Officer at the Friedrich-Ebert indicated that the Foundation is interes...

2020-11-22 14:13:01

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