Details of the residential project behind of Sur Magra El-Oyoun

National projects have changed the features of Cairo Governorate, the capital of Egypt, which is famous for its history and civilization, as these projects aim to restore the cultural destination of the capital again through re-planning slum areas and converting them into tourist attractions, highlighting the history, civilization and heritage of the capital, and among the projects that will change From the shape of Cairo, the project to develop the perimeter of the wall of Sur Magra El-Oyoun in Old Cairo in El-Fustat region after transfering tanneries, and it is built on an area of ​​approximately 95 acres. Information about the housing project that is being implemented behind the wall of Sur Magra El-Oyoun in Old Cairo - Cairo: 70 residential buildings are being constructed of different heights and spaces. The units are approximately 1286 units, after adding10 residential buildings. The areas of ​​the residential unit reaches 150 meters with services and 125 meters without services. The area of ​​one building is 600 meters. Each floor has 4 units. All residential buildings have elevators. Buildings are constructed with gradual heights, the height of which decreases towards the wall of Sur Magra El-Oyoun The height of the buildings starts with the ground and 4 floors, then the ground and 5 floors, then the ground and 6 floors. ​​​​​​ Buildings for recreational, commercial and cultural activities are implemented on an area of ​​...

2020-12-14 13:54:14

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