Telecom Egypt, Google sign agreement to provide secure international services to Europe


Telecom Egypt and Google International signed an agreement by which the latter will provide transit services at the level of Internet protocols (IP Layer) through the Egyptian terrestrial international communications network. Under the agreement, Google will obtain international capacities for Europe through the TE North submarine cable system owned by Telecom Egypt.

Telecom Egypt will provide the highest levels of protection for Google's data traffic through submarine cable landing stations in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea as the Egyptian network will redirect private international data traffic of Google from one path to another with high flexibility and an interchangeable high speed with a routing time not exceeding 50 milliseconds.In addition, Telecom Egypt will provide the highest levels of availability for Google's international transactional traffic with its SLA portal.

Mark Sokol, Senior Director of EMEA Infrastructure at Google Cloud, said: “We are pleased to have signed this agreement with Telecom Egypt, as it will enhance Google’s global network resilience via Egypt and we look forward to a continued mutually beneficial engagement.”

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