Cooperation between Ministry of Transport and the Arab Organization for Industrialization to localize the transport industry in Egypt


Lieutenant General Eng. Kamel El-Wazir, Minister of Transport, met with Lieutenant General. Abdel Moneim El-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, to follow up on the executive position of a number of joint projects being implemented in the field of mobile units. The meeting comes within the framework of implementing localization of industries in the field of transportation. Where a project was discussed to rehabilitate and improve 200 third-class passenger carriages, as rehabilitation of 91 vehicles has been completed. El-Wazir stressed the need to complete this project to contribute to improving the service provided to passengers, pointing out that the ministry is moving in the field of passenger cars in two parallel directions: the first is the purchase of new wagons and trains, and the second is the development and improvement of the existing fleet.

During the meeting, El-Wazir also stressed the need to complete all technical and financial evaluation procedures for the deal of 6 new sleeping trains, especially with the need of the Railways Authority to strengthen its fleet of these trains to provide the best service to the passengers, indicating the importance of working on the localization of transport industry in Egypt for this type of trains through cooperation between the Arab Organization for Industrialization, represented by “Semaph factory”, and major international companies specialized in this field. The two sides affirmed the necessity of commitment to hand over electric power vehicles (100 vehicles) according to the specified schedule and the speed of starting the manufacture and supply of 75 grain transport vehicles and completing the procedures for starting the manufacture and supply of 160 tipper trucks, due to the Ministry’s interest in working to increase the transported of goods via railways, to reduce the road burden and increase the railways ’financial returns.

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