Clean electricity.. Clean environment Benban Solar Park


Location: Benban, Aswan

Project’s Cost: 40 Billion EGP

Area: 37 Acres


The Benban Solar Park project is a national project that is considered a new nucleus for generating electricity in Egypt using the sun, to support the national grid as one of the most important goals of the project with a capacity of 2000 Gigawatts (the largest in the world) and it was awarded as the best project in the world from the World Bank.

The site choice took place along the village of Benban on the western desert road in Aswan Governorate, based on NASA’s studies and reports of some international scientific institutions that confirmed that the project site is one of the brightest areas of the sun in the world with an investment cost of about 3.4 Billion Euros (about 40 Billion EGP).


The project includes 4 main power transmission stations, it also includes 40 solar substations (secondary stations). The project aims to produce 2000 Megawatts of electricity, which is roughly equivalent to the energy produced using the High Dam, to support the unified national grid for electricity.

The solar panels’ number used in the station is about 200,000 solar panels, producing 50 Megawatts of green energy, which is sufficient to light up 70,000 homes.

39 companies specialized in energy production according to the international standards, including 10 International Arab companies and 29 Egyptian companies through the New and Renewable Energy Authority are participating in the project, out of a total of 200 companies that applied to implement this huge project.


The giant project provided 20,000 job opportunities during the time of construction, which lasted 4 years and will secure 6,000 permanent job opportunities at the begenning of the effective work of the Benban Solar Park.

It has been agreed with the Ministry of Education to implement the Aswan Governor’s proposal to convert the Industrial Secondary School in Benban into a solar energy school starting from the new school year, to include all solar energy trades from its inception to power plants in all its aspects

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